The Rev. Michael S. Bell, director of Pastoral Care for Good Samaritan Hospital, former Chaplain with Episcopal Communities & Services here in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, and former Missioner in the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas.  A fifth-generation Texan by birth, who has enjoyed work, study, and travel in various regions of the U.S. and abroad, including prior professional work in healthcare and consulting before pursuing the vocational call to full-time ordained ministry as a priest, Chaplain Michael enjoys the challenges and opportunities of embracing religious pluralism in a practical sense through service with and for others.

Chaplain Leticia Delgado is in process of becoming a Board Certified Chaplain through the Spiritual Care Association. As a lay Roman Catholic, she has been active in a variety of ministries before serving as a healthcare chaplain for the past 15 years, including with Women’s and Children Hospital, LAC-USC Medical Center, Keck/Norris Medical Center, Children Hospital of Orange County, and now at Good Samaritan Hospital.  A graduate of St John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California, Leticia has earned a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Ministry as well as a California teacher’s credential (she has served as a Kindergarten and Preschool teacher at Poverello of Assisi and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the San Fernando Valley).  With values and resilience rooted in her growing up in the city of Los Angeles as part of an immigrant Mexican family, she brings to our hospital community helpful personal knowledge of immigrant culture and traditions as well as bilingual skills and perspective.

The Rev. Yein Esther Kim, Episcopal priest serving as Parish Associate at St. Athanasius Episcopal Church at Cathedral Center of St. Paul, Echo Park.  As well as leading several Korean Ministry projects in partnership with St. James in-the-City Episcopal Church and with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, she is part of the Korean Convocation throughout the U.S. and participates in various Asian Ministry projects while serving on the Board of Li Tim-Oi Center as a secretary. Born in Seoul, Korea in an Anglican family, with a long history of Anglican priests in the lineage, she studied Political Science and International Politics in college and graduate school. She completed seminary studies in Boston, completed her Clinical Pastoral Education at Good Samaritan Hospital, and was ordained to as a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.

Rabbi Rami M. Sadeghi, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist in Los Angeles who volunteers as an on-call Jewish Chaplain for Good Samaritan Hospital.  Chaplain Rami is a founding board member of a program run by the FBI, focusing on security revolving around houses of worship in the greater LA area.  Chaplain Rami sought his vocation by doing his first rotation under the tutelage of his mentor Rabbi Levi Meier, Ph.D., the head Chaplain at Cedar Sinai Medical Center.  With a Ph.D. in Psychology from USC and now in private practice in Beverly Hills, Chaplain Rami also regularly leads Jewish High Holiday services for beginners, and facilitates workshops and lectures at Jewish and Christian houses of worship, numerous private schools, as well as graduate schools.  In all his endeavors, Chaplain Rami strives to facilitate self-healing and spiritual growth.  He is a loving husband and father to his wife and four children.

Rev. Ryuzen Hayashi is a priest of Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin of Los Angeles (the Koyasan Buddhist Temple) and serves as head priest at Harbor City Koyasan Church. The Koyasan Buddhist Temple is the North American regional headquarters of the Koyasan Shingon Buddhist Mission established in Japan by Kodo Daishi in 816 A.D.. Rev. Hayashi is from Kyusyu, Japan. He graduated from Shu-Chi-in University in Kyoto and completed seminary at Koyasan Senshu Gakuin.  He began his work at Koyasan Buddhist Temple in 2012 when the temple was celebrating its 100th Anniversary of Koyasan Beikoku Betsuin. 

Imam Abu Ishaq Abdul Hafiz is a retired Chaplain from the Federal Bureau of Prisons serving as Supervisory Chaplain for 15 years.  He was selected Chaplain of the year by the Federal Bureau of prisons for his interfaith and team ministry approach and he was selected Chaplain of the year by Jewish Chabad Aleph Institute in 2009 for his service to all faith communities in the prison setting.  Born in Gary, Indiana and raised as a Baptist, he converted to the Islamic faith during his undergraduate years.  Brother Abdul is a graduate of Tuskegee University with B.S. in U.S. History and received his Islamic certifications studying in Mecca and Riyadh Saudi Arabia.  Currently, Brother Abdul is Director of Prison outreach for Shura Council of Southern California which visits Muslim inmates from Los Angeles County up to San Diego County and he’s actively involved in interfaith work in Los Angeles, and Long Beach.

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