2008 Recipient

2008 Golden Spoke Award Recipient – Mayor Richard Riordan

Tom LaBonge, Mayor Riordan, and Andy Leeka

Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan is an avid cyclist who has toured extensively in Europe, can hang with speedy group rides, and even broke 3 bones on a gonzo mountain bike ride. Mayor Riordan began riding more than 20 years ago after a sore Achilles tendon hampered his tennis game. He rides a Campy-equipped Moser road bike on loan from the Italian Trade Commission, and keeps his trusty De Rosa at his vacation home.

Before taking office in 1993 Mayor Riordan toured throughout Europe, including cycling solo in Poland; pedaling fro Stockholm, Sweden, to Geneva, Switzerland; and “riding over every inch of France.” In 1990 he joined a bike-touring group that followed the Tour de France and witnessed Greg LeMond’s third and final victory.

Mayor Riordan says he’ll push the local transit authority to improve their track record on such issues as installing more bike racks on city buses. He’d even consider lobbying for a far discount for cyclists.

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