2012 Recipient

2012 Golden Spoke Award Recipient – Alexandre Baum

Tom LaBonge, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Alexandre Baum, Ed Reyes

Alex Baum was instrumental in the formation of the City of Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) with Mayor Bradley and was chairman from its inception in 1973 through 2008. 

He remains a member of the Committee serving as Chairman Emeritus, appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa. 

A tireless advocate for bicycling as a mode of transportation as well as recreation and competition, Alex has dedicated countless hours to the city in an effort to make sure bicycles are included in transportation, as well as recreation planning, and project implementation.

Alex Baum has been a resident ofLos Angelesfor over 50 years.  Born in the Alsace region of France, Alex relocated to the United States following WWII where he was a member of the French Underground and a detainee at Dora-Mittelbau Concentration Camp where the V2 rocket was developed by the Nazi regime.  After the war he played soccer on the French National team and immigrated and became a naturalized US citizen in the 1950’s.

Alex was a member of the Board of Directors for the 1984 Olympics inLos Angeles and was very active in the city’s bid to host the games.

He was influential in the construction of the original Olympic Velodrome built at Dominguez Hills; of the velodrome at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs; and of the new velodrome at the site of the original 1984 Olympic venue located at the athletic training center at Home Depot Center in Carson.  He also worked with AEG and the original organizers of the Tour of California to initiate the inaugural event.  He was very involved with restoration efforts of the Encino Velodrome the first Velodrome inLos Angeles. 

Alex also helped to include road and track bicycle racing events for women in the 1984 Olympics for the first time in Olympic history. 

The Alex Baum Bridge
The Alex Baum Bridge is an iconic part of the LA River Bike Path.

For his dedication to the Games he was awarded one of the Olympic torches carried into the Coliseum during Opening Ceremonies of the 1984 Games.  He was the first American appointed to the International Board of Directors (UCI), the governing body for world bicycle competition, and was active for many years as a member of the Board of Directors for the United States Cycling Federation now U.S.A. Cycling.

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