2013 Recipient

2013 Golden Spoke Recipient – Councilmember Bill Rosendahl

  • Councilmember Rosendahl championed the groundbreaking Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance.
  • Mr. Rosendahl has been the best friend L.A. cyclists have ever had in local government, stepping strongly up after the Mandeville Canyon incident to demand greater safety and acceptance for cyclists on our streets.
  • He championed the bike plan through the legislative process and he proclaimed the end to car culture in Los Angeles!
  • In a powerful statement before the full council, Mr. Rosendahl said “The culture of the car is going to end now!” He reminded his fellow council members about the harassment cyclists face on the road, as well as the lack of support riders have received from the LAPD in the past. “We’re going to give cyclists the support they should have been getting. This is my pledge to the cycling community.” (Source: BikingInLA blog)